The Power of Prayer

Sometimes our friends or a family member will ask for prayers and we politely say “yes, you and your [fill in the blank] are in my thoughts and prayers” and then we go about our daily business.  It somehow becomes routine to say we are keeping someone in our prayers.  It has taken me a long time to understand that some people REALLY do say their prayers for those in need which has made me take this act more seriously.

Yes, I do pray, daily and I do pray for friends in need and of course for my family. I pray for myself, not that God will make me rich or take away the pain and suffering but that He will help me through it.  Now I wasn’t always that way. I used to think He wasn’t listening if I didn’t happen to win the lottery that week or any other week for that matter.  But He was with me every step of the way through a very nasty divorce. He’s with me when I have my last dime in the bank and I’m trying to figure out how to make it through until payday.  He’s there. So far I haven’t starved to death and I’ve had clothes to wear, a car to drive, a good job and a great boss.

Yesterday (Monday) I’m not sure if it was a test of my faith or just the elements, but I was caught in some very bad weather.  Not the usual bad weather for South Texas, but REALLY bad weather. Four tornados touched down causing a lot of damage, but thank God no casualties. There was major flooding in some very poor areas causing people to be rescued and taken to shelters.

So, when I left for work, not knowing the extent of this weather due to the fact that I had no internet or satellite TV to catch the news, I went in with blind faith. I watched as lightening struck numerous times from cloud to ground.  The skies ahead were black.  “Okay Shirley, this is just some really heavy rain and you can make it through, you’ve done it so many times in the past” I told myself. I forged ahead. But things changed rapidly.  It was suddenly so dark and the rain was falling so hard, and hail was pelting my car, and power lines were snapping, and road construction signs were flying-this was different. I pulled over, hoping the torrential rains weren’t going to push me in the shallow ditch, but if they did, that was okay I have insurance. Still, it was eerie.  We don’t generally have tornadoes in this part of Texas unless we have a hurricane and if we were being hit by a hurricane, I wouldn’t have been on the road.  This was different. My car started to shake and I really thought it was going to be lifted and place in one of the fields with me in it. I was already planning on getting a dog and naming it Toto to put in a basket on a bike. I called my friend who had weathered many tornadoes in Oklahoma for advice. We really couldn’t understand each other because of the bad cell phone service. So I called on God. I prayed. I asked God just please get me through this in whatever manner you choose, but please help me cope.  Suddenly I wasn’t shaking quite so bad.  Soon, it passed and I proceeded to work very cautiously. I think this was the one time in my life I was happy to be at work on a Monday.

I do believe there is power in prayer and yesterday reinforced my belief and I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I need a reminder there is power in prayer.

Thank you God.


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