Think Again

Think Again.

What if God really is one of us or all of us? What if He walked into a room and you didn’t realize He was in that room until he walked out?

One of the few Sundays I actually dragged my lazy butt out of bed and to church, I was seated in the Cathedral listening to the beautiful sounds of the choir (my favorite part of a Catholic Mass). So close your eyes and picture this. The church is relatively full. The little family in front of me consisted of a husband, a wife, a little girl, a little boy and a baby in momma’s belly who appeared to be ready to make his or her debut at any given moment. As we all sat to hear the Gospel according to Father Mike who read the Gospel according to Matthew, in walked a quite obvious homeless man (not unusual for that particular part of town). The homeless man entered in camo fatigues and boots with a camo backpack on-now this was not all that long after 9/11 so we all watched the homeless man in the camo attire slam the big wooden door (you could have heard a pin drop because it suddenly became silent-even Father Mike stopped preaching the Gospel) and we all kept our eyes on this man-not knowing if he was there to do harm. The little family (you know, the husband, wife and 2.99 kids sitting in front of me) looked terrified. I myself wondered “is this IT? Is this how I’m going to die? In church?” But then I reminded myself church is the LAST place I should be judgmental-still, I was cautious because of 9/11, as we all were. The homeless man walked all the way around the pews in the church and up the center aisle; he knelt (letting the kneeler thingy slam to the floor so if somebody didn’t notice his presence by that time, they would now); he prayed. He got up and he walked out. Everybody (including Father MIke) breathed a sigh of relief. But then I started thinking-what if this was God? What if God came in to see just how many people were paying attention? Not paying attention to words, but to their thoughts and their actions? Fast forward to my spiritual 3 day journey with a group of other very spiritual people. I told them about this and I told them I wondered if this was God saying “Shirl, quit being so judgmental of people.” This spiritual group reminded me that God comes to us in many forms, even maybe as one of us.


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