The Baby Who Became an Angel

I don’t know if he was an “oops” baby boy or a “planned” baby boy, but at 19 weeks into her pregnancy, Lilia suffered some complications and went through labor and delivered a little boy who took a few breaths before he became an angel. This little angel who only took a few breaths brought a family back together – a family who had been divided over some issues that I’m not really sure they even knew what those issues really were. I am the person from the outside looking in so I see this baby as a blessing even with his passing. It is easy for me to say this was God’s will because I am not the mother who gave birth to this little boy and held him while he took his last breaths, but I am a person who can see that his birth MEANT something.  He was named and wooden casket with satin pillows for the lining was made for this tiny little boy who was fully formed on the outside but didn’t have the mature organs he needed to survive. He is being buried with some of his relatives. And, while his parents will mourn his death, whether they realize it or not, he brought their family back together. He was truly a gift from God for this family.


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