Believe is the new You

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “_Believe is the new You.”

Wow-this one really hit home for me.  I’ve always believed in God but I guess I haven’t always believed in myself which is an insult to God.   I know I was meant to be here because abortions were not legal in 1955 when my single mom who already had two kids gave me up for adoption.   I feel certain if abortions would have been legal then I would not be here which means my most awesome son would not be here which means my beautiful grandson would not be here.

I look around at all that God has blessed me with-I have a talent for capturing nature in photos although I suck at taking photos of people who are posing (that’s just not my thing and that’s okay). I’m not good at everything, but I put my whole heart into what I do and who I love.

Maybe if we all believed in ourselves a little more and believed in God a lot more, this world would be a better place. That’s just my two cents in this giant bank of words and feelings.


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